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NICOIN- A Decentralized Community To Earn Instant Rewards

For anyone looking for the best-decentralized cryptocurrency platform to earn instant and quick rewards, here is the NICOIN platform. NICOIN Token, also known as NIC, is a community-focused decentralized cryptocurrency. The holders of this community enjoy huge and instant rewards. 

This decentralized cryptocurrency was built by the team of Nicole’s telegram community. Usually, the group operates on telegram and resolves all the user’s queries regarding the platform’s functionalities, perks, and rewards. The 24/7 support team ensures to resolve all the holder’s queries as soon as possible. 

The instant rewards at the NICOIN are the best feature on the platform that most of its customers enjoy. The platform welcomes no spam, non-authentic information, and other unreliable sources of data. That’s why the NICOIN decentralized community is entirely safe to use. Significantly, the newbies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector can make the best opportunity out of NICOIN Tokens. All you need to do is just hold the tokens and enjoy the ultimate rewards from the team. 

Why Does NICOIN Community Provide Instant Rewards

Usually, for each transaction at the NICOIN, either ruby or sell, 2% of the total amount is distributed to the existing account holders. 2% seems a smaller amount initially, but as the value of the token increases, the 2% becomes a colossal reward. Moreover, the rewards can be enjoyed only by holding NICOIN in your wallet. As the NICOIN audits and burns the liquidity pool often, the investors at the NICOIN are prone to zero-risk from the spammy actors. 

Buy $NICOIN [NIC] In Three Simple Steps

Join the NICOIN’s telegram to learn more about the trends and stats of the $NICOIN [NIC].

  • $NICOIN [NIC] is available on the Binance blockchain. While MetaMask is the Binance market leader. So, create a MetaMask wallet initially by downloading through mobile or iPhone. One can also use the chrome extension. 
  • Once the account is opened in the MetaMask, buy BNB through Binance. 
  • After the presale, buy the $NICOIN [NIC] on PANCAKES WAP. In general, the PANCAKESWAP is one of the safest decentralized exchanges. 

The NICOIN’s presale starters from 6 May 2021, the limit for presale is still 1500 BNB. 

Tokenomics & Stats

  • Symbol: $NICOIN [NIC]
  • Rewards: 2% per each transaction
  • Holders: 1000+
  • Total supply: 1,000,000
  • The market cap is 1.000.000
  • Burn is 50%
  • 5% team
  • 5% public
  • 40% presale
  • 1 bnb = 266.6666666 NICOIN
  • 1 eth = 1165.066666 NICOIN

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