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ICDeFi Allows Investors to earn maximum from Staking and Farming

In the crypto world, when an investor is always looking for ways to increase profits or increase the number of coins he is holding by trading, there is now a fairly new concept to help increase that coin Staking and Farming.


What is Farming? How to earn money by Farming

Farming, also known as liquidity mining, is a way to generate rewards for holding cryptocurrency. In simple words, it locks the Token and receives the reward in Token.

Farming allows investor to generate as much profit as possible from their crypto assets using decentralized products and protocols (DeFi).

There are several protocols available in the DeFi ecosystem that allow investor globally to lock up their crypto and monetize it. Farmers will continuously transfer their own funds according to different protocols to earn high profits for themselves.

In the ICD Token system, investors not only earn money by trading but also can Farming with a rate of up to 65% and swap to BNB at any time.

What is Staking ? Why is Staking so popular?

Staking is the act of buying cryptocurrencies and keeping them in a crypto wallet for a specific period of time. This is similar to a fixed deposit in a bank, and it will pay you a fixed rate of interest at the end of the period specified in the contract. This reward is built on the effort spent including: stake amount, stake duration.

Advantages of Staking and Farming:

Generate passive income and increase coins during Staking.
– Staking and Farming guarantee you a predictable source of income as the value of a cryptocurrency increases in a predictable manner.

– You do not need to have high technical knowledge before placing invest.

– Through Framing you can maximize profits with your existing assets.

– Especially with the upcoming ICDeFi system, the optimized Staking and — Farming not only can you achieve the above benefits, but in the ICDeFi system you can also get:

– Farming ICD Token generates BNB — 24 hours each time

– Staking packages up to 12 months and Staking interest up to 65% and daily interest paid to the wallet by ICDeFi

– Commission policy for Staker when referring new investors can reach 100% (Personal Staking).

How Staking and Farming Affect Coin Price?

The amount of coins brought to the farm and stake will be locked during that time. This means that this coin cannot participate in circulation, trading on exchanges. Therefore, it causes the amount of coins circulating in the market to decrease.

Basically, when the supply in the market decreases, i.e. its scarcity increases, it will cause the price to increase. So what happens when you hold the coin for a long time? Imagine that with the huge amount of assets you can hold with very low initial capital with ICDeFi.

Current Economic and Financial Situation and Cash Flow Trend.

Current Economic and Financial Situation.
According to the World Bank (WB), after a recession in 2020 due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, global economic growth is expected to increase by 4% in 2021. Global growth forecast in 2022 is only reached 3.8% due to pandemic’s long-term impact on potential growth. The global economy is expected to recover strongly as confidence in markets, consumption and trade gradually improve thanks to vaccination efforts around the world..
According to the World Bank, borrowing costs remain low. In February 2021, global stock markets hit multi-year highs as asset prices continued to rise on expectations of new economic stimulus measures in the United States and the prospect of dealing with the pandemic has markedly improved effect. Relatively favorable financial conditions as major central banks reaffirm continued asset purchases. Borrowing costs of businesses are low. High equity valuations and low interest rates are also driving equity financing globally. Corporations have raised nearly $150 billion in equity as of February 2021, more than twice as much as a year ago.

The IMF forecasts that major central banks will keep policy rates at current levels through the end of 2022. As a result, financial conditions are expected to remain at current levels for advanced economies while gradually improving for developing and emerging economies. Such policies would have a positive spillover effect on economies and reduce the likelihood of portfolio shifts.

Money flow trend:
According to the most recent reports on the strong volatility of BTC, this coin is having a hard time recovering the uptrend, and the strong declines of Securities due to many market fluctuations as well as heavy influence The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic caused many investors to panic and lose confidence in the market. Currently, bank deposit interest rates have been continuously dropping since the beginning of 2020, leading to a decrease in investment in the Bank, which means that investor will withdraw capital and switch to other investment results.
Real estate is also a trend that is and will be exciting again, but with average capital, investors are looking for an investment with high liquidity and low risk, so the cash flow is diverted to the real estate industry. Blockchain technology is something to look forward to and is bound to happen explosively. In addition, AI and Blockchain are the popular application trends to improve the efficiency of market connection, ensure security and safety for the financial and banking industry. ICD utilizes the power of NFT technology to create a new direction in decentralized financial transactions that will bring a new light in the Blockchain system by its advantages and differences.

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