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Find Out How TurboXBT Helps You Manage Trading Risks

TurboXBT is an all-new trading platform suitable for both new and experienced traders. It operates a short-term contract trading model paying up to 90% per trade. As a socially responsible company, it also features risk controls that ensure sustainable profitability.

Trading short-term contracts carry risk, the same as other forms of trading. In all instances, perhaps the biggest risk comes down to loss of capital.

There’s a saying in the trading community that goes, “the higher the risk, the higher the reward.” However, reckless risk exposure will ultimately end badly.

As such, the need to follow risk management strategies is of extreme importance. As well as that, trading platforms are responsible for putting in place measures to mitigate risk. Here are some of the ways TurboXBT is doing its part.

Free To Use Demo Account

TurboXBT offers a quick registration process and a simple-to-use platform. However, we understand that some users may need help to get familiar with using the platform.

All users can access a free $1,000 funded Demo account to practice strategies and get used to the interface.

While more experienced traders may take to the platform easier, the importance of practicing cannot be overstated. 

As a risk management tool, the Demo account will help users become accustomed to how different synthetic digital assets typically move. Armed with this knowledge, managing trading capital gets a whole lot easier.

Educational Content Available On Blog

One of our goals is to educate users on successful investing and trading. To achieve this, we publish informative, educational, and market-oriented content that serves as an invaluable resource for traders.

Currently, our blog contains several risk management posts. And as content fills out, we hope our blog will serve as a dedicated resource for learning to trade successfully.

Secure And Stable Platform

Loss of capital through active trading is not the only risk faced by traders. There’s also the issue of platform instability.

The TurboXBT platform runs on dedicated servers providing bandwidth capable of handling high traffic situations. These typically come during significant market sell-offs. 

During the last three months, our system uptime was rated at 99.9%.

We understand the frustrations of trading on unstable platforms. By designing our infrastructure accordingly, users can catch every market move without fear of system outages.

TurboXBT also uses cold storage and operates bank-grade security standards to keep user assets safe.

Risk Management: A Collective Effort for All

Managing risk is a collective responsibility. While we constantly work to improve our systems, users should also play their part to mitigate risk, especially by trading with funds they can afford to lose.

It’s worth mentioning that external threats from bad actors continue to pose a danger. Users need to be aware of things such as phishing scams, malware, and cloned websites.

Despite the threats that do exist, it’s worth remembering that a cautious common-sense approach to everything done online, not just trading, will foster a safe experience.