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DeGeThal: A Cryptocurrency That Makes Every Day Transaction Faster And Easier

The pandemic has robbed people of their jobs and many are receiving pay cuts without incentives. As we are in the midst of a financial crisis, we have to look forward to a proactive solution that will sustain the technology of the future. There is a need to bring in passive income streams and effectively invest for the future. 

What is DeGeThal?

DeGeThal is an easy to use cryptocurrency that is designed to serve the purpose of payments, trading and other transactions in the DeGeThal ecosystem. It is securely stored in the blockchain and has a versatile use. The goal of DeGeThal creators is to make digital currency affordable to everyone across. They are on the mission to provide a good alternative to the traditional financial system that surpasses all limiting economic factors. 

Features of DeGeThal 

 DeGeThal supports faster trades, better exchange values, easier wallet management and helps to make everyday trade a lot more efficient and friction-free. The crypto exchange platform of DeGeThal is accessible via a regulated wallet which will provide transparency and protection for the funds. This cryptocurrency can be used for a wide variety of everyday transactions. It is built using the new and advanced blockchain technology and the DeGeThal wallet lets the flow of cryptocurrency and FIAT coins. The security system is far superior and advanced to the ones used by centralised banks. 

DeGeThal App

The upcoming DeGeThal app lets users check the values of any digital currency and the cryptocurrency one owns. People can open a new bank account for any currency in very little time. It also lets users sort the currencies in the order of their choice. It supports any buy or sell method and also has different modes to choose from according to your preference. 

The presale of DeGeThal will happen from August 23 to September 23. Invite someone to contribute and get 5% of their contribution as a bonus. It’s all on us! In order to claim your referral bonus, you also have to contribute to the presale stage.

To get your referral link you must connect your wallet

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