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Deeper Network Inc. to Launch IPO of Limited-Edition NFTs for Equity Subscription

Deeper Network combines blockchain, network security, and sharing economy to create the global peer-to-peer network

Deeper Network Inc, the decentralized internet infrastructure for Web 3.0, is announcing the launch of an IPO. The IPO will be issuing limited-edition NFTs that represent equity subscriptions. These NFTs represent a great opportunity for potential investors to share in the future profits of Deeper Network. 50,000 NFTs will be issued at $2,000 each, proving another use case in the exciting development of NFTs.


The hottest digital currency derivative this year, NFTs represent ownership of unique and scarce items. Their non-homogeneity and indivisibility allows them to be bound to some commodities in the real world. These commodities include artwork, sports trading cards, tickets, and now shares.

Given its team’s rich experience in network security and technology, Deeper Network is becoming a well-known project in the areas of network security, Web3.0 infrastructure, and for its excellent products. Last month saw the successful launch of its native DPR token. Deeper Connect, Deeper Network’s flagship product, is selling well on overseas platforms such as Indiegogo, where it is always in short supply, and a large number of orders continue to be accepted. It is an exciting time for Deeper Network.

The products developed and produced by Deeper Network are achieving large-scale blockchain applications. The Deeper Network super public chain especially, has achieved a key breakthrough. Its PoC mechanism enables truly decentralized computing power. It is composed of network nodes that deliver this with low cost and low power consumption. The DPN solution paves the way for the arrival of Web 3.0.

With the increasing expectations of numerous investors for Deeper Network’s future IPO listing, and in order to thank older and new investors for their support and loyalty, the company has decided to return part of its future profits to investors in the form of NFT equity subscription. This will enable more people to get involved in the development of the company. It will provide opportunity for the company to grow while maximizing the interests of investors. Deeper Network also plans to jointly issue special editions of some NFTs with well-known institutions, organizations, or individuals.

Below is the IPO-NFT issuance plan:

IPO-NFT Total Supply

  • There will be a total of 50,000 NFT issued, which can be subscribed for a total worth of $100 million US dollars in stock. Each IPO-NFT is $2,000, which allows an investor to purchase 2,000 US dollars worth of stock.
  • There will be some NFT issued free of charge to early investors. Gifts to early investors will not exceed 15,000 NFTs.
  • The issuance and winning methods for the rest of 35,000 IPO-NFT
  • Special editions of some NFTs will be jointly issued with well-known institutions, organizations or individuals.
  • DPR Staking rewards
  • DPR Holder Airdrop
  • IPO-NFT Issuance Method
  • Part of the IPO-NFT is given away according to the issuing rules.
  • In the early stage, auction is adopted to issue a certain number of IPO-NFTs, this will serve as a pricing guide for IPO-NFT gifted to early investors.

IPO-NFT Additional Rights

  • Special events raffle, miner, souvenirs, and other extra rewards
  • IPO shareholder’s rights

IPO-NFT Issue Date

May of 2021

IPO-NFT Equity Subscription Period

From the day when the investor holds the IPO-NFT to the day when Deeper is listed on the Nasdaq IPO.

IPO-NFT Cancellation

The IPO-NFT holders’ ownership will be canceled after exercising their equity subscription rights.

IPO-NFT Liquidity and Circulation

  • After obtaining IPO-NFT for free, the investors may benefit from the relevant chain operations, including but not limited to auctions.
  • If necessary, Deeper Network will make a specific circulation plan based on market conditions.
  • Deeper Network Inc. reserves all the right of the final interpretation of this IPO-NFT issuance.

About Deeper Network

Deeper Network is committed to building a truly decentralized and secure gateway to a more democratic internet. The company aims to bring a better internet experience to every household and become the de facto portal to Web 3.0. Deeper Network’s flagship product line, the Deeper Connect, is the world’s first blockchain-powered secure gateway that enables users to securely and privately browse the internet free of censorship.

Deeper Network is led by a team of seasoned industry professionals whose backgrounds include Intel, Amazon, CoinMarketCap and Quantum. Their products are sold on Amazon, Best Buy, and Indiegogo with over 10,000 units already sold.

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Contact email: [email protected]
Contact person: Masha
City: Santa Clara
Country: USA

SOURCE: Deeper Network Inc.